Five Elements Facial Reflex Therapy

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The Five Elements Reflex Therapy 

Self-Paced Online Course

Join the global movement to bring beauty, improved health and overall wellness to your clients, your loved ones and yourself!

This self-paced course takes you on an unforgettable journey through the body by way of the reflexology points of the face. It provides you the perfect roadmap to navigate the connections between what happens in our bodies and what shows up on our faces, and then how to arrive at the healthy and beautiful place that you want to be!

The guideposts on this journey of thoughtful and effective care are The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood. You will learn how each of these five elements can help in the diagnosis and reflexology treatment of your clients' conditions, bringing them effective, soothing and lasting relief. 

You will leave this course with powerful navigation skills to activate the body's ability to heal itself, use the body's intuition to enrich wellness and enhance overall physical, mental and emotional health. You will be surprised and delighted at how these treatments can deliver additional benefits to help your clients feel better, improve their moods and experience fulfillment.


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What will graduates gain from the Five Elements Facial Reflex Therapy Course? 

  • 40+ modules of detailed instruction on reflex points, reflex zones, and how to treat the mind, body and face. 
  • Specific demonstrations to enhance your practice and to better treat your clients, loved ones and yourself. 
  • Deep dives on each of the Five Elements to diagnose issues related to each element, identify the effective treatment points tied to the element and deliver welcomed relief. 
  • Expert abilities in explaining the benefits and the results of the Five Elements in Facial Reflex Therapy, whether directly to your clients in appointment or in your marketing, communications and social media. 
  • Time-proven techniques for using connections between issues in the body and their manifestations in the face and neck to achieve both instantly visible as well as long-lasting benefits. 
  • Your own personal library of reference materials, including a wealth of diagrams, treatment plans and detailed application instructions. 
  • Talking points about each of the elements and how imbalances show up on the face and in the body. 
  • Ongoing access to the course instructional videos and handouts so that you can review, refresh and be inspired at anytime. 
  • Purchase price is credited towards The Mind Body Beauty Institute's Certification Program if you choose to pursue the full certification. 
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How will I use The 5 Elements Reflex Therapy Course in my practice?

I am confident that you will enjoy applying the techniques of the 5 Elements Reflex Therapy Course in your professional practice and personal care. 

You will have the skillset to provide care-driven and intuitive healing services to:

  • Moderate the body's stress response to slow down or even reverse the aging process
  • Soften the effects of health conditions, disease and injury through reduction of the body's stress response.
  • Promote healing by activating specific facial reflex points that send restorative, calming and repairing signals throughout the body. 
  • Relieve stress to create balance and beauty within the body and on the face.
  • Manage messages sent through the body's nervous system to nerve endings that come out on the message board of the face. 
  • Enlighten others on how their element personality type affects health and how to balance the body by element to promote health and beauty.
  • Improve how emotions affect health and show up on the face
  • Guide people to decrease feelings of fear, anger, worry and sadness so they can move toward their life purpose with greater ease and fulfillment. 

You will be delighted (and maybe even surprised) to experience beneficial outcomes for your clients and yourself including: 

  • Overall improvement in feelings of wellbeing, enjoyment and simply feeling better
  • Mood improvements, enhanced motivation and attitude uplifts. 
  • Recovery and recuperation from lingering problems, release from issues that hold you back and an overall sense of getting unstuck. 
  • And other surprise side benefits in addition to the resolution of the original issue. 


Is the Five Elements Facial Reflex Therapy Course for me

I hope so! The Five Elements Facial Reflex Course is just right for:

  • Estheticians, massage therapists, acupuncturists and physical therapists who want to learn techniques to enhance their treatments. 
  • Practitioners who are expanding their skill sets an service offerings.
  • Anyone who wants to learn holistic health and beauty techniques to keep themselves and their family healthy while reducing the use of medications and skincare products. 
  • People experiencing chronic disease, auto-immune conditions, anxiety, depression or digestive issues who are looking for natural and holistic alternatives to complement their medical care. 
  • Practitioners who want to take a first step with this course with potential continuation into the full certification from the Mind Body Beauty Institute
  • Anyone who wants to look and feel younger longer
  • This work activates your body's ability to heal and repair itself. Regular self-treatments will move your body more and more towards balance, ease and wellbeing that will show up on your face. 
  • People of any age who know that staying healthy and maintaining wellbeing requires discipline and regular practice and are therefore ready to invest in their own self-care for long-term benefits
  • Those who are ready to "detox from Botox" If you are unhappy with the results or side effects from Botox or other fillers, you can start to reverse their undesirable effects and increase movement in the skin once again
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What makes this course better than others? 

I am honored to offer you this Five Elements Facial Reflex Course which is: 

  • Friendly, approachable and relatable with real life practical explanations
  • Rich in content and explanation to help you navigate the depth of these treatments
  • Abundant in hands on demonstrations and reinforcement of learnings so that you can establish your own routines. 
  • Enhanced through real-life experience with specific case studies, which help you put your leanings into action and work each element into a treatment
  • Accompanied by numerous handouts you can use to build your own reference resources: Reflex points on the face, facial and treatment diagrams, Five Element Theory, and treatment protocols
  • Filled with tips for how to talk to clients, interpret symptoms, connect them to the element to be worked and ultimately manage treatments. 
  • Supported by my responsive, prompt and friendly assistance throughout the course. 
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What do I need to do this course? 


The only tool that you need to complete this course and begin getting fantastic results is the Reflex Detector aka The Magic Wand.

The Magic Wand works with the nervous system to improve connections and transitions within the body. 

The Magic Wand is designed to be just the right weight to affect each reflex point with just the right pressure. Use this tool to locate areas of stress and stagnantion so that you can clear it out creating greater health, beauty and feelings of wellbeing in yourself and your clients. 

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