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Hi, I'm Jackie

I work with a new generation of skinCARE professionals who know that beauty goes so much deeper than the skin.

If you want real results for your clients  you have to get to the root cause of the issue.

Learn how you can transform your career with less overhead,  less stress, and more passion!

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My Story

I became an esthetician because my skin was horrible. I was approaching 40 with no idea of how to take care of my face so that I could age gracefully. 

My skin was dry, except where it was oily. It was extremely sensitive, puffy, and would get beet red anytime I was in the sun. Random people would stop me in the street and suggest that I put on sunscreen even though I always had SPF 50 on. It was embarrassing. 

Unfortunately, things didn't get any better once I completed esthetics school.

In addition, my health was on a downward spiral as well. I was suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and yes, it's as bad as it sounds. I was constantly bloated, gassy, and miserable. Even though I was a nurse, I couldn't get my health under control. I tried every diet, every supplement, and still felt frustrate. 

It didn't just affect my face or my health, it took toll on my confidence. I wasn't enjoying my life.

Randomly, I got a flyer in the mail about a facial massage class. I decided to take that class and it changed my life. 

Here's the thing.... that facial massage course did more for my skin and my health than anything I had ever tried before. 

In fact, as I learned to massage my own face and neck, my skin tone changed rapidly. My face became way less puffy and red.. My skin glowed and my clients noticed and wanted to know what I was doing. My business changed rapidly because my clients were seeing results. 

Not only was my skin changing, but I was experiencing a huge relief from my IBS symptoms. It turns out that as the inflammation in my face went away, so did the inflammation in my gut. As I began to study the relationship between what was going on on the face to what was going on within the body, it all began to make sense. 

After studying the correlation between healthy, beauty, and mood, The Flow Method was born!

Are you a skin-care professional ready to transform your business?

- Stop trying to find the perfect combination of skincare products to help your clients hoping that they will finally work... Instead, find the root cause of their problems and solve that!

- Stop following the latest skincare fads hoping that the next machine, treatment, or product will be the thing that transforms your career and attracts your ideal clients. Instead learn a treatment that has low overhead and truly communicates how much you CARE.

- Stop discounting your services and spending endless hours marketing. Instead, attract your ideal, loyal clients easily.

I was there too. That's why I created the Flow Method.
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